16 Business Ideas for Musicians

16 Business Ideas for Musicians

For musicians looking for opportunities within the industry, there are a lot of small business ideas that are worth pursuing. In addition, there are many businesses that keep the music industry running as a whole, and these music businesses be an excellent fit for musicians with an entrepreneurial streak. In this article, we’ll go through some of the best business ideas for musicians and how to get started.

The Music Industry in 2022

The music industry has seen a serious boom with the introduction of streaming services. The live music industry, record labels, and the event industry are all witnessing a demand for musicians and different types of music businesses.


Why You Should Consider Starting a Music-related Business

Music aficionados endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit stand at a crossroads of possibilities. Here’s why the allure of launching a music-related business deserves your attention:

  • Diverse Ventures for Music Enthusiasts: The realm of music-related business ventures offers a kaleidoscope of options to explore. Whether it’s orchestrating music events, delving into music publishing, or engaging in ventures tangential to the industry, a plethora of avenues await your creative touch.
  • Unlocking Lucrative Potential: The convergence of your passion for music and the intricacies of business can yield substantial rewards. Lucrative opportunities abound, ensuring that your venture aligns with your interests while fueling your financial aspirations.
  • Trailblazing Entrepreneurial Prowess: Just as music producers have carved their own paths, you too can embark on an independent journey. By establishing your own business, you can harness your expertise to collaborate with budding talents, shaping the landscape of the music industry itself.
  • Harmonizing Creativity and Commerce: The world of music-related business is a harmonious blend of creativity and commerce. This synergy empowers you to channel your artistic inclinations while building a robust foundation for financial success.
Aspect Description
Diverse Ventures for Music Enthusiasts The realm of music-related business ventures is a vast playground of possibilities. From organizing music events to exploring music publishing or related ventures, a myriad of avenues beckon creative minds.
Unlocking Lucrative Potential The fusion of your musical passion with business acumen unveils rewarding prospects. Lucrative opportunities abound, aligning your interests with financial success and opening doors to a thriving venture.
Trailblazing Entrepreneurial Prowess Just as music producers carve unique paths, you too can embark on an autonomous journey. Establishing your own business enables collaboration with emerging talents, shaping the very fabric of the music industry.
Harmonizing Creativity and Commerce The music-related business arena is a synergy of creativity and commerce. This fusion empowers you to express artistic inclinations while laying a robust foundation for financial growth and achievement.
Dynamic Platform for Aspirations In a world where music serves as both art and commodity, engaging in music-related businesses offers a dynamic platform to manifest your aspirations and financial pursuits, resonating with the essence of music itself.

In a world where music resonates as both an art and a commodity, venturing into music-related businesses offers a dynamic platform to orchestrate your aspirations and financial endeavors.

Top Business Ideas for Musicians

There are many great business ideas for those with musical talents and business acumen. We’ll review some of the top music industry businesses you can consider pursuing.

1. Music video director

The music industry comprises many individuals who go behind the camera to direct music videos. You can work with emerging talent as a music video director and bring their vision to life, including the creative direction.

2. Music Producer

Music production could be a good fit for you if your musical talents lie in not just melodies but also in putting together songs. You can work with musicians to produce songs from start to finish, including putting together the lyrics and the beat.



3. Music School

If you’re looking to teach the next generation of musicians and artists, you could start your own music school. This could include classes on music theory, instruments, vocal lessons, and other areas of music.

4. Music Blogger

If you love listening to music and are trying to figure out how to make money listening to music, becoming a music blogger could be a great fit. You could start a music blog with reviews, a music podcast, or write for a reputed music review site to share your opinion on the latest releases and music news.

16 Business Ideas for Musicians

5. Recording Studio Owner

If you’re willing to put up the initial investment to build your own recording studio, you could start your own recording studio. Recording artists can rent it out for specific periods of time for recording sessions for their music.

6. Music Therapy

Another growing area for musicians is music therapy for both adults and children. You can work with clients to provide therapy services through music, and this can look different based on your skills and talents, such as writing songs together, learning instruments, dancing, and more.

7. Record Label Owner

For music fans looking for the next big thing, starting your own record label could be a great fit. You can sign different recording artists or a musical act based on the genres you’re interested in or where you see the most potential.



8. Music Teacher

Many music schools are looking for qualified teachers for their students. You could become a music teacher for instruments, singing, and vocals, or even run some business classes that older students might be looking for.

16 Business Ideas for Musicians

More Profitable Music Business Ideas

There are many other music careers that you can pursue if you would like to play music. We’ll go through some more profitable music business ideas that could be a good fit.

9. Songwriter

If you like to write songs, you can become a professional songwriter. As a songwriter, you could write your own songs that you could pitch and sell to other musicians and record labels looking for new music to license and produce.

10. Music Store Owner

If you’re looking for ways to make music more accessible and available, consider starting your own music store. You could sell musical instruments or even start a music instrument rental service as well as records and music CDs.

11. Music Publicist

For those who are good at networking, a music publicist could be the right fit. You would work with journalists and record labels as a music promoter for recorded music and artists, including facilitating interviews, PR, and other efforts.

12. Recording Artist

For musicians that want to put themselves out there, becoming a recording artist has become a more viable option thanks to streaming music services. You can record and add music to music streaming platforms to gain new listeners. Here’s a resource on how to make money streaming on music platforms and other online video channels.

16 Business Ideas for Musicians

13. Video Game Audio Creator

Video games are all about the background music; they need talented audio creators to help set the scene and create that ambiance with theme songs. You can work with video game publishers to create the audio for the game, such as a theme song and other audio content.

14. Session Musician

Session musicians work with bands and vocalists that temporarily need a musician for their performance. For example, a band could need a drummer for a few nights to play a gig or a guitarist to add to their recording sessions. Based on your skills and talent, you could work with recording studios to work with their musicians.

15. Voice Coach

Many vocalists are looking for ways to strengthen their voices and train for a specific performance or event. You could become a vocal coach and provide private lessons to vocalists and musicians to prepare them for stage events.

16 Business Ideas for Musicians

16. Local Event Artist

Many local events seek musicians to perform, such as weekend concerts and seasonal festivals. You can also work with local businesses in the area, such as a wedding band business or a mobile DJ business, to book more gigs.


What Can Musicians Do to Make Money?

For musicians eager to monetize their talents, a multitude of avenues beckon. Beyond traditional gigs, the realm of entrepreneurialism opens up new doors. Venturing into your own business, such as delving into blogging, directing music videos, music distribution, running a song licensing enterprise, and engaging in other facets of the recording industry, can be immensely rewarding.

What Business Can you Start As an Artist?

As an artist, the entrepreneurial landscape presents enticing possibilities. Stepping into the role of a session musician, collaborating with music publishers to market your songwriting, or pioneering your own record label to unearth and nurture fresh talents are all within your grasp. By capitalizing on these opportunities, you not only explore your creative potential but also forge a unique path to financial prosperity within the dynamic world of music.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should musicians consider starting a music-related business?

Musicians looking to tap into entrepreneurial opportunities within the industry can find various small business ideas worth pursuing. Additionally, businesses that support the music industry as a whole can be a perfect match for musicians with an entrepreneurial spirit. This article delves into some of the top business ideas for musicians and offers guidance on how to kickstart these ventures.

What’s the state of the music industry in 2022?

The music industry has witnessed a significant surge with the advent of streaming services. Live music, record labels, and events are all experiencing a demand for musicians and diverse music-related businesses.

Why should I start a music-related business?

For music enthusiasts with a penchant for business, the options are plentiful. Whether you’re interested in music events, publishing, or something closely related, numerous lucrative business ideas await. From collaborating with emerging talent to venturing out on your own as a music producer, opportunities abound.

What are some top business ideas for musicians?

Several promising business ideas cater to those with musical talents and a business flair. This article explores top music industry businesses, including roles like music video director, music producer, owning a music school, becoming a music blogger, starting a recording studio, and offering music therapy services, among others.

What other profitable music business ideas are there?

Beyond the previously mentioned ideas, there’s a range of additional music careers you can pursue. These include becoming a songwriter, opening a music store, working as a music publicist, recording artist, creating audio for video games, being a session musician, providing voice coaching, and performing at local events.

How can musicians make money?

Musicians have various avenues to generate income, from starting their own businesses, offering services within the recording industry, blogging, music video direction, song licensing, and more.

What businesses can artists start?

Artists can embark on diverse entrepreneurial paths. They can become session musicians, sell their songwriting through music publishers, or establish their record labels to nurture and promote new talent.

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