How to Start a Business With No Money and Work From Home

Now is the time to start a business from home.

In 2022, some companies made working from home a codified practice.

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Many people are looking to start businesses or side hustles to earn additional income and supplement inflated costs or replace jobs they lost.

What’s more, they want to run these ventures from the comfort of their homes so they can balance other responsibilities or keep start-up costs low. 

However, due to the sometimes lonely, stressful, and uncertain nature of being a founder, focusing on mental health, productivity, and goals are crucial while building your new business, remote founders told Insider. 

For instance, having a designated work area can help achieve some separation between work and home, one entrepreneur said. Joining virtual or in-person founder groups can provide much-needed support, while creating a regular schedule helps ensure you’re staying on task, others suggested.

From tapping into the social-media craze with user-generated content to finding business-to-business clients through freelancing, here are five of the easiest businesses to start from home, and founders’ advice on how to best manage life as a remote entrepreneur. 

User-generated content

Some founders told Insider that finding the right cofounder was crucial to their success.

Some founders told Insider that finding the right cofounder was crucial to their success.

courtesy of Lauren Labeled

Lauren Mabra and Lauren Ferry are the 25-year-old cofounders of Lauren Labeled, a social-media agency specializing in user-generated content. 

The two work from their respective homes or coffee shops instead of renting an office, which saves them money. These financial strategies and a growing customer base help the duo book five figures in revenue a month, documents viewed by Insider showed. 

Because they can do all administrative work from their computers and they outsource the majority of their content creation, they don’t need any extra tools or studio spaces.

The pair added that finding the right cofounder or coworker is crucial for remote entrepreneurs since they don’t have an office environment where they can float ideas or brainstorm. 

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Ashley Stoyanov Ojeda is a full-time consultant.

Ashley Stoyanov Ojeda is a full-time consultant.

courtesy of Stoyanov Ojeda

Ashley Stoyanov Ojeda is a full-time consultant for her eponymous brand, Ashley K. Stoyanov LLC. She works primarily with other small-business owners, a majority of which are Latina, she said.

She runs the business from home and does the majority of her work virtually, either through courses or one-on-one video calls. 

After seeing success with one-off calls, Stoyanov Ojeda expanded her services to include recurring monthly or weekly sessions with clients, which is her most popular offering today. She also wrote a book and takes part in speaking engagements. Diversifying her services has helped scale the business, she said. 

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Tori Dunlap is the bestselling author of "Financial Feminist."

Tori Dunlap is the bestselling author of “Financial Feminist.”

courtesy of Dunlap

Tori Dunlap started a blog in 2016, which later turned into a financial-advice platform called Her First $100K.

While Dunlap does participate in some in-person speaking engagements, she’s able to run the rest of her business from home. She writes blog posts, creates financial resources, and posts on social media from her computer and phone. 

Blogging can be a great way to build credibility in a field, Dunlap said. And it’s a low-cost method of building a brand that leads to additional revenue and business opportunities. Dunlap booked $4 million in revenue in 2022, documents show.

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Freelance copywriting

Levi Newman heavily researches product niches before writing descriptions.

Levi Newman heavily researches product niches before writing descriptions.

Levi Newman

Levi Newman started writing Amazon-product descriptions in 2014 as a side hustle. By mid-2022, he’d booked more than $1 million in lifetime revenue with the copywriting service and takes home around $150,000 each year.

He exclusively uses Fiverr and said the platform is the reason he’s been able to build a sustainable business without overwhelming himself with work. 

His duties consist of collecting inbound client requests, which he then assesses before taking an intro call with the customer. After deciding on the direction of the project, he researches SEO, market comparisons, and sales goals. Then, he produces the final product.

He can do all of this from his computer and phone, making it an easy work-from-home side gig.

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Digital products

Lisa Andrea, the founder of The Financial Cookbook.

Lisa Andrea, the founder of The Financial Cookbook.

courtesy of Andrea

Lisa Andrea is the founder of The Financial Cookbook, a financial-advice platform she runs as a side hustle. Andrea launched and runs the business from her own home and works on it during the mornings or evenings after she’s done with her full-time job. 

In addition to the blog, she makes an income from selling additional digital products including a downloadable résumé template and printable habit tracker. Andrea books four figures in revenue a month from the side-hustle blog, she previously told Insider.

Similarly, Dunlap also takes advantage of selling digital products online. This includes the “job-interview package,” which she has sold to more than 5,000 customers, that teaches them how to draft a cover letter and format a résumé. She also offers downloadable products and self-paced courses. 

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