Looking for a career change? 6 reasons why you should consider a small business.

Whether you’re looking to curve the trajectory of your career, seeking more meaningful work, or need a change of scenery, you want to make sure your next move fulfills both your life and career goals. A Canadian small business just may be your perfect landing spot, as smaller companies offer several advantages you may not have previously considered.

Making up 98.0% of all businesses in Canada in 2020 and employing 9.7 million individuals in the country, small businesses account for approximately 64% of the labour force. At the moment, many owners are actively looking for employees to help meet demand, make a difference and grow their businesses.

If you’re looking to make a change, here are six reasons to consider a small business.

1) The opportunity for a more flexible work environment

The vast majority of job seekers today have a singular top priority: A flexible work environment. As Joanne Acri, Partner and Executive Recruiter with Junction Collective explains, just about nobody wants to go back to working in an office full-time. “Small businesses can be a bit more flexible and tailor remote work requests more specifically to an individual candidate’s needs than big companies that have a set return-to-the-office policy for everyone,” says Acri.

Whether your preference is a fully remote set-up, a hybrid model, or a shortened work week, small businesses are far more equipped to accommodate your individual needs and preferences. And, more and more small businesses now offer benefit programs, health & wellness, and incentives, which is a must-have for many job-seekers today.

2) The agility to get things done

Small businesses are generally nimble, creative, and made up of problem-solvers. When an opportunity, issue, or solution is identified, there isn’t typically a roll of red tape to cut through to start a project – small businesses can simply get started on the task at hand. Progress, results, and even outcomes can be realized almost immediately, making your work feel worthwhile and impactful.

3) Adaptability to changing trends and markets

With significant turmoil and change, businesses have had to adapt to survive. While headlines often focused on small businesses that couldn’t make it, many small shops were better equipped than their larger counterparts to weather fluctuations in the market and economy, thanks to their size and agility. While large firms are often a go-to for those seeking stability, small businesses have gritty, creative and resourceful owners who are able to make the necessary shifts to accommodate changes and survive tough times.

As Joanne Acri explains, “It’s much easier to set policy and change policy with a 50-person company versus a 50,000 company. You can react much quicker. Small businesses can move the levers they need to faster in order to adapt to changing environments.”

4) Visibility with owners and senior leaders

When you’re working for a smaller company, there are fewer people and levels between you and C-Suite executives, decision-makers, and owners. That means it’s easier to get noticed, be heard, and have your ideas implemented. Down the road, this translates to better exposure to more projects, diverse experiences, and broader development opportunities.

5) Opportunity to make a meaningful impact

Small businesses are often started by a founder with a unique problem to solve and/or a passion to create positive change in the world. As more Canadians are changing jobs to seek out purpose-driven companies and roles, a small business is a great place to look. Not only can your individual impact within the company be significant, but it could also contribute to a greater purpose and mission you believe in.

6) A better chance to check all your boxes

With the large number of small businesses operating in Canada, there is a greater chance that you’ll find a company that meets all your requirements. What’s on your list? Culture, location, purpose, product, growth? By exploring the opportunities available at Canadian small businesses, chances are you’ll be able to check most – if not all – the boxes.

Widely considered the engine that powers the Canadian economy, small businesses are making a difference – and looking for great people help them advance their goals. As you consider your next move, take a look at companies that may not have been on your radar. You may be excited by what you discover.

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